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Tacti-Extract Kit Image

Tacti-Extract Kit
Extraction Kit

Challenge Coin Image

Challenge Coin
Tacti-Cool Challenge Coin

Tacti-Patch Image

Tacti-Cool Velcro Patch

Tacti-Pin Image

Tacti-Cool Pin

Tacti-Cool Decal (6") Image

Tacti-Cool Decal (6")
Tacti-Cool Small Decal

Tacti-Cool Decal (10") Image

Tacti-Cool Decal (10")
Tacti-Cool Decal Large

Honey Dickin' Patch Image

Honey Dickin' Patch
Honey Dicin' Velcro Patch

Bacon Patch Image

Bacon Patch
Bacon - it's Infidelicious Velcro Patch

Hate Patch Image

Hate Patch
They Hate Us Cuz They Anus Velcro Patch - OUT OF STOCK

Flying F*ck Patch Image

Flying F*ck Patch
Flying F*ck Velcro Patch

Remove Before FIGHT tag Image

Remove Before FIGHT tag
Tacti-Cool 'Remove Before FIGHT' key tag

Did You Die? Image

Did You Die?
Tacti-Cool Did You Die? Patch

Napalm Image

Tacti-Cool I love the smell of napalm in the morning patch

Flying F*ck Patch - 4pk Image

Flying F*ck Patch - 4pk
Four Flying F*cks - patches are 3.5" wing span

Flying F**k patch Image

Flying F**k patch
Flying f*ck patch - 3.5" wing span

Leroy Jenkins Patch Image

Leroy Jenkins Patch
Leroyyyy Jenkinsssss

Bear F**ker Patch Image

Bear F**ker Patch
Bear F**ker! Do you need assistance?

Tacti-Humvee Patch Image

Tacti-Humvee Patch
Tacti-Humvee Patch

Carl! Image

Carl! You only had ONE Job! Patch